Dr. XU, Hui 徐輝


复旦大学 计算机学院 青年副研究员
地址:上海市 杨浦区 淞沪路2005号
复旦大学江湾校区 交叉二号楼D6023室

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I am currently a Pre-tenure Associate Professor in the School of Computer Science, Fudan University. My research interests include program analysis and software reliability modeling, as well as their applications in AI systems, mobile computing, and cloud. I run a research group Artisan-Lab. Before joining Fudan University, I was a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Chinese University of Hong Kong with CUHK Postdoctoral Research Fellowship. I also obtained my Ph.D. degree from CUHK, supervised by Prof. Michael Lyu. Before that, I have worked in industries as a system security professional after obtaining my M.Sc. degree from Hong Kong University, and B.Eng and B.M degrees from China University of Geosciences (Beijing).

Email: xuh[AT]fudan.edu.cn

I am looking for self-motivated students (master, intern, or FYP). Please drop me an email if you are interested.

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